Emotions produce physiological responses in our bodies which, if we learn to tune in, can give rise to sensations that help us to identify and then respond to our needs. But how we respond to our emotions is learned behavior. Sometimes we are told explicitly that some emotions aren’t allowed. We also pick up all kinds of implicit cues that tell us which emotions and needs we have are safe for us to express and which ones are not. Most humans here in the West have had the experience in some way or another of learning that their emoting makes others uncomfortable and therefor needs to be controlled in some fashion. And, our culture, social locations, families of origin, the communities we grew up in and keep now, and more, impact our experience and inform how we learn to respond to our emotions. 

When we learn an emotion or need is not okay to have or express, we find ways to hide it from ourselves and/or we never develop an awareness of how it feels inside of us to begin with. But it still produces the same physiological response, just without our conscious awareness of and attention to it. We might shove our feelings down, bottle them up, push them aside or have some other response to mute, dismiss, deny, or dumb down our experience of them. When left unattended, that response builds up over time, and manifests itself as stuck tension in our body. Our bodies continue to express their physiological response to our feelings on our behalf even when we consciously do not tend to them or do not have the language for the expression of them. Its really quite brilliant! And sometimes it can be painful as it manifests in all kinds of stress related symptoms like headaches, a stiff neck, gastrointestinal issues or chronic illness, for example. All these symptoms pull your body out of its organic tensegrity.   

The ability to name the emotional language that matches the sensations we experience in our bodies give us the opportunity to express what we are feeling. Languaging alone can be such a relief, but once we’ve had the opportunity to express what we are feeling through words, we can begin to identify what it is we need or desire to do in response. This allows us to be at choice in our lives. Feelings that don’t have an outlet or means of expression, often dictate our experience from the shadows. So our stress symptoms contain valuable information that we can bring language to so that we have more options for how we are living our lives.



Working together, we bring inquiry to your experience of sensation, stress, and tension in your body. In this listening and dialoging with the sensations you are experiencing, we discover and allow your feeling language to unfold itself. Somatic coaching is a supported meditative process. But unlike a solo meditation, where you might slip easily into dissociation or not have the structure to help you know when you’ve gotten lost in an echo chamber of our own thinking or feeling, Somatic Coaching provides attuned attention to your experience.

Remember how I mentioned that the way we respond to our feelings is a learned behavior? The attuned support Somatic Coaching provides, over time, gives your system a chance to experience and learn different ways of responding to what you’re feeling. Our approach to this work includes not only the visible and knowable personal history of your current lived experience but also the understanding that not all feelings and sensations have their origins in ordinary, present day reality. Sometimes what we are feeling is trapped energy in our field that just needs support metabolizing. As such, what you're experiencing may be best supported by taking a more wholistic approach that includes energy work.

Coming into our emotional language takes time. But as it unfolds, it cultivates the type of reflection and self compassion that can truly alter our experience of ourselves and expression in the world. It provides clarity and options to approach life in a more organic way. 

To begin, text or call 206.659.7432, or submit a contact form and we'll schedule a consultation and then book a your session from there.



​Somatic Coaching sessions with Lauren use SPRe® Bodywork, attuned dialogue and attention to the impact stress has on structural tensegrity, body awareness practices, and may include movement, meditation, and intuitive energywork to help you experience increased awareness and deepen your connection to yourself and life. 

These One-on-one sessions are are tailored to your needs, but you can expect Lauren to bring a curiosity, sense of wonder, keen attention to and awareness of patterns both in your body and expression to your sessions together. 

These sessions we'll meet over zoom and talk about what you’re feeling in your body and how that is corresponding to your lived experience. I may offer practices for self reflection and direct self observation and/or options for supportive or expressive movement. Sessions may also include guided meditations or dialogues with what you discover or simply resting in restorative yoga asana. Sessions are designed to support you where you are on any given day, and are intuitively shaped to support your unique experience. They may also include the use of tools or props you already have at home such as a blanket, pillows, or foam roller or tennis ball. Most setups at home can work, you really just need an internet connection device and some semblance of privacy. If you’re at all concerned about your setup feel free to ask and we’ll see what we can make work.

Investment information:

Somatic Coaching Sessions are $130 for a 75 minutes session. A limited number of sliding scale spots are available. 

Somatic Pathways West has a 36 hour cancellation policy.

To begin, text or call 206.659.7432, or submit a contact form and we'll schedule a consultation and then book a your session from there.


*Disclaimer: Somatic Coaching and the Energywork I use to support it are not intended to be a substitute for medical or mental health care. If you are in need of physical or psychological care, please consult your physician or mental health counselor.



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