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Our bodies are constantly responding to our environments and circumstances seen and invisible, as well as to our perception of them. If we feel reasonably safe we are going to feel differently in our body than if we sense something is off. As our bodies respond to our environments they communicate a truth about what we are perceiving. For example, think about the sensory delight your body experiences when you encounter something you love, or in the other vein, the fear or disappointment you feel when you learn of someone you care for leaving your life.  

Interpreting what our bodies are saying isn't always simple or straightforward.  When there is conflict between what we are perceiving and what we think we ought to be or do about it or how we think we should feel about it, things get complicated. And information comes at us from all directions, like our past, our social location, present day events, and the impacts of the energetic realms. The clearer we are in where we stand both figuratively and literally, the simpler navigating the complexity of our human experiences becomes. Learning to be with our experience in our bodies and to turn towards it with curiosity is a path that enables us to make changes that support our wellbeing.

Coming into ourselves as we are in this moment takes reflection, consideration, the cultivation of self compassion, time, and practice. It is a practice. My job as I see it, is to help you cultivate the practice as it best supports you.

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Somatic Coaching Details

Somatic Coaching sessions are aimed towards those experiencing stress related symptoms or general discomfort in their body and are seeking relief and understanding, and/or for those who are interested in learning to tune in to their body as a tool for understanding and navigating their life. In these sessions Lauren uses SPRe® Bodywork attuned dialogue and attention to the impact stress has on structural tensegrity, body awareness practices which may include movement, yoga asana and meditation, and intuitive energywork to help you experience increased awareness and deepen your connection to yourself and life. 

These One-on-one sessions are are tailored to your needs.

What you can expect in these sessions is that we’ll meet over zoom, and talk about what you’re feeling in your body and how that is corresponding to your lived experience. I may offer practices for self reflection and direct self observation and/or options for supportive or expressive movement. Sessions may also include guided meditations or dialogues with what you discover or simply resting in restorative yoga asana. Sessions are designed to support you where you are on any given day, and are intuitively shaped to support your unique experience. They may also include the use of tools or props you already have at home such as a blanket, pillows, or foam roller or tennis ball. Most setups at home can work, you really just need an internet connection device and some semblance of privacy. If you’re at all concerned about your setup feel free to ask and we’ll see what we can make work.

Investment information:

Somatic Coaching Sessions are $125 for a 75 minutes session. A limited number of sliding scale spots are available. 

Somatic Pathways West has a 36 hour cancellation policy.

To get started, schedule your 15 min free consult by submitting my contact form



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