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Somatic Pathways West approaches movement training from the 8-limb perspective of Yoga namely focusing on āsana (poses), prānāyāma (breath), dhāranā (concentration) supported with stillness, rest, and meditation practices.

Aimed to support strength, mobility, flexibility, awareness and clarity of mind through dynamic embodied meditation, Lauren's instruction style is intuitive and inquisitive. Her approach to movement is gentle and alignment focused weaving in the support of the Pilates method where beneficial or requested. Energetically attuned, Lauren responds not only to to the needs and goals of the individuals or class, but also to the rhythms of nature (seasons, lunar cycles, time of day) and the subtle ways our bodies respond to and work with them. 

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Private instruction details...

These sessions will meet over zoom until further notice. One-on-one sessions are are tailored to your needs on a given day. Group sessions are more like attending a class, but can be a more specific if there is a group goal.

Props are not a requirement, however they can provide a great deal of support. Lets talk about what your goals are to help you decide if they are worth the investment for you or if we can supplement with objects like a towel, pillows, blankets, etc. that you may already have. Most setups at home can work, you really just need an internet connection device and some semblance of privacy. If you’re at all concerned about your setup feel free to ask and we’ll see what we can make work.

Investment Information:

1:1 Movement Training sessions are $80/1hr. For established students, I offer a pre-paid package of 4 1hr classes for $300

Group sessions (2-6 students) are available upon request. $100/hr. Session length may vary depending on the group. Cost is split evenly among registered participants.   

A limited number of sliding scale spots are available for private instruction.

Somatic Pathways West has a 36 hour cancellation policy.



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