Hello! My name is Lauren. I am an energy worker, movement instructor, and somatic practitioner currently residing on Duwamish and Coast Salish Lands, Seattle. My interest in what animates all of life, of consciousness in its many forms, is foundational to my nature and work. I bring a contagious curiosity, a sense of wonder, playfulness, and heartfelt presence to the work I do. I’m a lover of the Mystery, and have spent much of my life on a path working to know, heal, and learn practices that honor right and sovereign relationship with the natural and invisible worlds.

Over the years I’ve come to understand that energetic clutter and entangled or overshadowing energies can really influence how we feel and impact our ability to grow and/or actualize change we wish to create in our lives. I’ve also found there is tremendous value in accurately interpreting our feeling nature as it gives us the ability to consider our needs, desires, safety, and to determine how we show up in our lives. While working with people I often address these one at a time and have discovered that working at an energetic level allows for clarity that really supports and can drastically impact what we are feeling. With clients, I engage energy work to support in attaining energetic autonomy and to receive healing on a soul level, and I engage movement and somatic focused work to help folks connect with their bodies and to interpret what they are feeling and how they feel it. The ways I work aren’t meant to take the place of physical medicine or therapy, but rather to support.

Energy flows through our lives and creates repeating patterns. I excel in observing and tracing patterns to their root to bring awareness of choice or energy removal, unbinding and/or healing depending on whats needed. Often through traumatic happenstance or some kind of agreement we’ve made someplace along our souls journey, overshadowing beings may attach to us and utilize our life force. The same can go for energetic binding and chording. When this happens the energy signature and patterns of the being or binding has the ability to influence our nature and change how we experience ourselves and lives. For this reason, I really love clearing overshadowing energies and beings. I find this work particularly fascinating in and of itself but also in the ways it can impact peoples experience in their body— a client recently described this work as feeling like they’d had been driving a car (themselves) with the emergency break on to taking it off and just feeling freer to move about. I also enjoy helping folks to consider and learn ways to tune in to and tend to their own energy hygiene as well as helping them to explore and personalize their connection with Spirit/Mystery/Divine or however they choose to call what’s sacred.  

All of my work is grounded in a belief in the interconnectedness of all things through Source, our birthright to sovereignty, a deep understanding of and compassion for the ways in which people can really suffer their existence, and a heartfelt desire to help them move beyond suffering where I can. My goal for all of my work with clients is that it bring them into a more authentic expression of themselves by promoting autonomy and embodied awareness. 

Having worked with clients one-on-one since 2017, each day I am more excited about the work I get to do. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

A little about my background: 

I began observing and studying The Mystery as a young child. What started as a keen interest in my Grandmothers relationship to God, and in unexplained phenomena, ghosts, hauntings and UFOs, naturally evolved. I became fascinated by consciousness in all of its expressions including the ways it manifests alongside us though often goes unseen. 

After much unstructured exploration, I began to explore structured mediation practices in my late teens and then found my way onto a yoga mat where I immersed myself Yoga philosophy and practice. Eventually, I transitioned into more formal training in energy and somatic modalities. This training began over a decade ago with Reiki, then Yoga Teacher Training, followed by Northern European Shamanism and Earth Healing, which lead me to study the specific techniques of SPRe® Bodywork, Movement for Trauma, Mediumship, Curse and Thoughtform Unraveling, and Compassionate Depossession. 

I am grateful to my many teachers both in formal educational settings, and in the forms of books, friends past and present, varied practitioners, Nature, and to the multifaceted support that comes from beyond. Special thanks to Kathleen Hunt, Betsy Bergstrom, Jill Ableson, Patanjali, and to my Mother and her mother. 



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