Hello! My name is Lauren. I am an energy worker, somatic bodywork practitioner, and movement educator located in Bellingham, Washington. My personal journey navigating life’s joys and traumas with a highly sensitive nervous system, paired with an unrelenting interest in the Mystical and spirituality, all set to the backdrop of being raised in a culture and time that denied me authority over my own body and experience, set me on a path to learn the tools and techniques I come to share with you. Along with personal experience, I bring heart, presence and a contagious curiosity to my work and I find great joy in sharing what I know to help others to explore new levels of freedom in their bodies and lives. My wish for all of my work with clients is that it bring them into a more authentic expression of themselves while promoting autonomy and embodied awareness. 

Having worked with clients one-on-one since 2017, each day I am more excited about the work I get to do. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

A little about my background: 

I began observing and studying movement and the mystical as a young child. I took up dance lessons at 4 and always had a keen interest in my Grandmothers relationship to God. With curiosity, a vivid imagination, love of fairytales and lore of hauntings and ufos, I became fascinated by consciousness in all of its expressions including the ways it manifests alongside us though often goes unseen. 

After much unstructured exploration, I began to explore structured mediation practices in my late teens as a salve following a period of great emotional hardship and distress. I then found my way onto a yoga mat where I immersed myself Yoga philosophy and practice. Eventually, I transitioned into more formal training in energy and somatic modalities. This training began over a decade ago with Reiki, then Yoga Teacher Training, followed by Northern European Shamanism and Earth Based Healing, which lead me to study the specific techniques of SPRe® Bodywork, Movement for Trauma with Jane Clapp, Quantum Energy healing with Astrid Pujari, and Mediumship, Curse and Thoughtform Unraveling, and Compassionate Depossession with Betsy Bergstrom. 

I am grateful to my many teachers both in formal educational settings, and in the forms of books, friends past and present, varied practitioners, Nature, and to the multifaceted support that comes from beyond. Special thanks to Kathleen Hunt, Betsy Bergstrom, Patanjali, Gayle Revels, and to my Mother and her mother. 

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