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We've all had the experience of walking into a home or space and feeling something was off or that it very distinctly belonged to its previous occupant. Sometimes shuffling the furniture or adding a lamp is all that is needed to change the vibe, other times nothing seems to make it feel better. Thats where a space clearing might be beneficial.  

In very simple terms, just like with humans, negative or suffering energies can become stuck in the energy field of a home or place and can interfere with the space feeling comfortable or easy to be in. In a worst case scenario, the energy of the space can start to impact us and how we feel all the time, even when we're away. Just like how being around someone grumpy can leave you feeling grumpy until you sort out whats yours and whats not and shake it off, a building with a particular vibration can rub off on you without you really noticing. Generally walking through an "off" feeling space is not a big deal, unless its our living or work space where we spend the bulk of our days, in which case we want it to feel like a place we want to be. 

Space clearing sessions are perfect for moving in and setting the stage for your dreams to unfold, or for moving out and making sure what you want to bring with you comes along, and what you'd prefer to leave behind can be tended to without clogging up the space for the next residents. Space Clearings help to clear out the energetic cobwebs and restore balance to a living or work space. Additionally they aim to support where possible and desired, the creation of a more intentional relationship between inhabitants and place.

2hrs for $250 and up 

The amount of time for these sessions varies on size of the space and complexity of whats happening in it. Typically I request 2 hours but if you live in a small space like a studio that may be negotiable. To schedule text or call 206.659.7432, or submit a contact form we'll schedule a consultation and then book your session from there.



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