Maybe you're ready for a renewed connection with your own inner knowing or seeking clearer access to your creativity, voice, or will. Or perhaps you are feeling stuck, blocked, foggy, restless, agitated, or like things are bothering you more than usual. Intuitive Energywork sessions with Lauren range from simple superficial work to clear and bless up your energy to specific work to unravel or release more complex energies from you or your space and bring healing on a soul level. With less energetic debris you can connect more fully to your own inner resource and clarity. Sessions will likely include some combination of a checkin or intake, dialogue, guided meditation, visualization, and at times simple guided breathwork or movement. The nature of your session will vary depending on what is needed and will be personalized to meet you where you are.

Currently all sessions are taking place over the phone or on zoom.

Book now by texting or calling 206.659.7432 or submit a contact form



A quick pop of energy, these sessions aim to bring more ease and clarity to your day and to fortify your connection to your own inner knowing by decluttering and tuning up your energy. Supported with guided meditation, healing energy and/or Reiki, we'll begin with a check in (in person or via email) and work from there. Don't have time to join? Schedule anyway and I'll do the work remotely at your selected length and send you brief notes when the work is complete. 

10, 20, 30 minutes $20/$40/$60 


How this session unfolds will depend on your specific needs, but will likely take place through conversation supported with an element of guided meditation. You'll receive an intake form and upon its return I'll recommend a time length for our session. When we meet, you can expect us to talk a bit first and then work from there. For some sessions we'll remain connected, and for others, following our check in we'll part ways and I will follow up with an email detailing the work. 

1 hr $120/Hour

Sessions are scheduled in 1, 1.5, and 2 hour blocks depending on the work that presents itself.


Space Clearings help to clear out the energetic cobwebs and restore balance to a living or work space. Additionally they aim to support, where possible and desired, the creation of a more intentional relationship  between inhabitants and place. Click here to learn more.

2hrs for $250 and up 


*Disclaimer: Energy and spirit work are forms of spiritual practice and are not intended to be a substitute for medical or mental health care. If you are in need of physical or psychological care, please consult your physician or mental health counselor. Results may vary depending on the nature of the session and the way in which the client integrates the work.



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