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It’s easy in our world to move our bodies around and through our lives without being particularly aware of them until they are hurting.  For all kinds of reasons, personal and collective, we often learn to let the body be an afterthought and in doing so, miss the opportunity to hear the ways it speaks to us throughout the day. When we miss these vital communications, they begin to get louder and we often experience them as discomfort or what we might refer to as stress related symptoms.  This discomfort is communicating something important to you about yourself and your experience.  

The discomfort we experience can be addressed through physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustment, talk therapy, and maybe even regular movement practice and meditation practices.  These are all effective approaches that often result in relief.  And, if the relief seems to only be temporary and we continue to experience uneasiness or pain, we might begin to wonder if there is something beneath our physical experience that’s trying to get our attention. 

This is where our work together begins. Everyone's starting point is unique, but we will explore coming into the body and begin finding the ways it is speaking your experience to you. We all have strengths and we have places where growth is possible.  By expanding our awareness of how our body is speaking our experiences to us, we can begin to explore and identify what's working well and where alternatives would be more structurally sound and supportive. By tuning into the body we start the journey of reducing discomfort. 

I bring all my training to our work together. That training includes SPRe® Bodywork, Energywork, 200hr Yoga certification, Stott Pilates Mat and Reformer Training, Movement for Trauma, and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.  I’ve been working with clients one-on-one since 2017. In one-on-one work there’s more space to explore what’s going on with an individual, which I find very rewarding. 

To learn more about me, check out the Meet Lauren Kile section. You can learn more about what sessions with me look like the Lauren Kile's Offerings section. If you’re ready to get started, please use my Contact Form to reach out. 


Lauren Kile's Offerings

My work focuses on Somatic Coaching in which we look into all that’s going on for you with a comprehensive approach. Somatic Coaching includes involvement of your personal story, past and present. I track what you’re sharing with me regarding your experiences, circumstances, work life, personal life, etc. in order to help you find and begin to make sense of the language your body’s shapes and sensations use to describe your experience to you. As we get a sense of where you stand, literally and figuratively (somatic puns!), we can explore alternative shapes and options for moving in them.

 I offer a 15 min free consult. This is a great way to see if we’re a good fit. To schedule your consult, please submit a contact form

If we’re a good fit, we’ll set up a consistent time to meet on a regular basis. Meetings are typically held once or twice per week. We’ll have 1 to 3 sessions at which point we’ll check in to see how it’s going and adjust as needed. We can keep working together for as long as you find it helpful.


Somatic Coaching

Somatic coaching sessions are for those who are experiencing stress related symptoms or general discomfort in their body and are seeking relief. In these sessions I use SPRe® Bodywork attuned dialogue and focus on structural tensegrity, mindfulness based awareness practices and Yoga Philosophy, movement and/or gentle strengthening practices, and energywork to help you experience increased awareness and understanding and to transform unnecessary tension into healthy tension that supports you. 

What you can expect in these sessions is that we’ll meet over zoom, and talk about what you’re feeling in your body and how that is corresponding to your lived experience. I will offer practices for self reflection and observation as well as options for supportive or expressive movement. This could include the use of tools or props you already have at home such as a blanket or foam roller or tennis ball. Most setups at home can work, you really just need an internet connection device and some semblance of privacy. If you’re at all concerned about your setup feel free to ask and we’ll see what we can make work.

Somatic Coaching Sessions are $130 for a 70 minutes session. A limited number of sliding scale spots are available. 

To get started, schedule your 15 min free consult by submitting my contact form


Meet Lauren Kile


I am a somatic coach currently residing on occupied Duwamish land also known as Seattle Washington.  My personal experience and history of anxiety accompanied by panic, chronic pain, and chronic health issues, have fueled my journey to understand the connections between my body and the impacts my lived experiences have had upon it.  

My early struggles with mental health challenges and the resulting addictive behavior I found as an avenue for self soothing, landed me squarely on a path exploring sobriety and meditation at a young age. With a childhood steeped in dance classes, turning to yoga was a natural evolution that bridged movement and meditation practices together. 

My study of yoga combined with struggles with my physical health and body image, acted as a springboard for many avenues of study, particularly energy medicine and natural health. I pursued a bachelor's degree in nutrition and studied energy medicine and as my knowledge expanded and my own traditional psychotherapy process progressed, I changed course to receive my BA in Psychology. The cognition focus of intellectual studies and my work in traditional psychotherapy and the ethereal realms of energy medicine left left me with a lot of information but little understanding of how to implement it in my life.  

I desired a bridge to bring my cognitive and invisible awareness into physical reality which brought me to the study of SPRe® Bodywork. With SPRe® I began to identify my body's sensations, or lack thereof in some cases, as the bridge.  Studying the sensations in my body with my own SPRe® Practitioner and observing the patterns which arose, I began to weave a tapestry of understanding for myself and my response to life's various stressors.  This understanding continues to reveal itself and has created sustained shifts in my experience of both physical and emotional pain as well as ways I am in relationship with myself, others, and life. 

Now, as a somatic coach, I find great joy in stewarding others into greater connection and understanding in and through their bodies. Connecting cognition to sensation, as a SPRe mentor of mine puts it, brings about opportunity for profound and meaningful change. Helping others towards making sense of the language of their body is my aim. The benefits for me have been many, but most simply a reclamation of autonomy and expanded sense of self in relationship to life, is what I'm in this for. For you, for me, for the communities in which we live and love. I am grateful for the opportunity to work alongside each and every client I've thus encountered and look forward to those yet to come. 

To learn more about the services I offer, check out the services section.

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