Stuck emotional energy can keep us from feeling able to take steps towards creating the life we want for ourselves. Whether it is hanging around from events in our past, the spaces we inhabit, or from interactions we've recently had, stuck emotional energy can bog us down. Emotional Energy Clearing aims to clear and resolve stuck emotional energy at its roots so you access the clarity you need to move forward with your life. 

When it's stuck, emotional energy can manifest through our lives in lots of different ways like intrusive thoughts, images, body sensations, dreams or disturbed sleep, misplaced or exaggerated emotional responses, fears, compulsions, and relationship patterns. Often it slows us down or puts some kind of damper on our experience, and sometimes shows up as physical tension or pain. It can act like a cloud, partially or completely shrouding our experience in life. And perhaps most notably, we often get so used to it hanging around that we become identified with it and lose sight of our ability to choose and experience a broader more balanced spectrum of feelings in our lives.

At Somatic Pathways West Lauren combines guided meditation, reiki, shamanic, SPRe® bodywork and other body awareness techniques to support you in emotional integration and release so you can move through your life with more freedom. The support Lauren provides is tailored to your unique circumstances and specific needs. Sometimes it’s clearing your energy body and physical space or helping you to learn to understand and adjust your energetic boundaries to help keep other people's energy at a safer distance. Other times it delves a little bit deeper into more complex layers of belief systems or agreements and entanglements with roots in the past and/or outside of your cognitive awareness. Always it includes a boost of reiki or healing energy to support you along your way. 

All sessions are currently taking place over the phone or on zoom.

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I invite you to join me! Allow me to help you clear and resolve the entangled energies weighing you down to create a fertile space for you to grow and move forward.


Feeling stuck? Lets begin with what you're experiencing: 








Numb/not feeling 

Plain old stuck

Not sure, but somethings not right

Sometimes we know exactly what we're feeling and other times its not as clear. No matter what you're feeling, its valid, and deserves your attention. Let's explore where and how you're feeling stuck and then ways of clearing and integrating it together. These sessions may vary and are set at a length that allows for a little more depth and nuance.

When we meet, you can expect us to talk a bit first. We'll likely check in with what you're experiencing in your body, and together determine what kind of support will be most helpful from there. 

Sessions are scheduled in 1, 1.5, and 2 hour blocks. First time sessions are always at least 1.5 hours.

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A quick pop of energy, these sessions aim to bring more ease and clarity to your day and to fortify your connection to your own inner knowing by decluttering and tuning up your emotional energy body on a more superficial layer. We'll begin with a check in (in person or via email) and work through guided mediation from there. 

10, 20, 30 minutes sessions available 

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Space Clearings help to clear out the energetic cobwebs and restore balance to a living or work space. Additionally they aim to support, where possible and desired, the creation of a more intentional relationship between inhabitants and place. Click here to learn more.

2hrs session 

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*Disclaimer: Energy and spirit work are forms of spiritual practice and are not intended to be a substitute for medical or mental health care. If you are in need of physical or psychological care, please consult your physician or mental health counselor. Results may vary depending on the nature of the session and the way in which the client integrates the work.