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Energy Work, Guided Meditation and SPRe® Bodywork, for Integrative Emotional Energy Healing

Do you feel stuck? Or like you've lost access to part of you? Often find yourself overwhelmed with or weighed down by denser emotions? Does it seem like your body is yelling and you want to know more about what its trying to say? Do you sense that some of what you feel doesn't belong?

Emotions are important, they help us determine what we need. But, when not adequately cycled through or cleared, their energy can hang around. When it accumulates, this energy can cause discomfort in our bodies, stagnation in our lives, and inhibit our ability to accurately interpret and connect with our needs and intuition. 

Integrative Emotional Energy Healing sessions utilize Energy Work, Guided Meditation, and SPRe® Bodywork to unravel and remove excess and non-self energy interfering with your wellbeing, foster interoception and the resilience it creates, develop practices for energetic hygiene and embodied ways for staying with ourselves as we move through emotions so they don't get stuck, and to explore options for making nurturing choices based on how you feel in your body.

We live in a time and culture that has neglected to teach many of us the value of hearing and responding from the messages spoken by our bodies and that's denied access to tools to effectively work with and integrate all of what we encounter. Somatic Pathways West is here to help you forge your path through.


The details...

Lauren provides support tailored to your unique circumstances and needs— Some folks may benefit from one or two sessions focusing on releasing what doesn’t belong, while many benefit from regular or semi-regular sessions to also develop interoception, build personal energy clearing and boundary practices and to cultivate a felt sense of where they stop and others begin, and/or to form an understanding of the language their body uses to communicate different needs and feelings.

Sessions are available in person in Fairhaven or Virtually and may be booked in 1 or 1.5 hour blocks of time. Contact me to schedule yours today or to schedule a free consultation to learn more and discuss the appropriate length for you.

In all sessions you can expect to begin with a check-in, to be offered some suggestions on how we might proceed, and then together we will create our plan forward.

In-person sessions take place seated and/or on a massage table and may incorporate the use of touch for Energy Work and SPRe® Bodywork with client verbal consent at the time of session. SPRe® Bodywork is a modality facilitated with client fully clothed on a massage table, seated, or standing in some instances, with the additional support of blankets and pillows as needed for comfort. 

Virtual sessions take place over Zoom. Depending on your specific needs you may work seated, laying down, or wish to have space to move around. It can be helpful to have a space and setup that is comfortable and private for the duration of our session. If you have things like bolsters or pillows, they may come in handy. The best way to figure logistics out it to contact me directly. 

Please contact me for current rate information.


Integrative Emotional Energy Healing sessions might be a good fit for you if...

  • You feel stuck in grief or another negative emotion, or are feeling disconnected from your center.

  • It feels like theres something hanging around casting a shadow on your ability to connect with yourself and what you need

  • You notice a correlation between what you feel in your body and emotions or stress and you want to learn more about it— maybe you get a headache or an upset stomach when you’re under pressure, or perhaps your throat tightens up when you try to speak up for yourself.

  • You encountered someone or a space and left feeling like you picked up some energy that you haven't been able to shake. 

  • You receive regular bodywork to address specific aches or pains but your improvement has plateaued. 

  • You’ve been in talk therapy and have cognitively made sense of the the impact your past has had on your present but still frequently experience anxiety or other stress related symptoms.

  • Your health is suffering in some way and you're looking for additional support.

  • You consider yourself a highly sensitive person or identify as an empath and find it overwhelming.


Schedule your first session or a free 15 minute consultation by calling, texting, or submitting a request via the contact form now.